Collections taking a long time to refresh

For quite a while now we have had issues where if we manually update a collection, it takes a very long time for it to refresh.

We spent a considerable amount of time troubleshooting this, seeing if it was a setting or our configuration, bringing down the regularity they auto update and even whether the hardware wasn’t a high enough spec. In the end we settled on the issue simply being due to the number of collections and the frequency at which they update. In the colleval.log we could see it was constantly refreshing collections and thought that maybe the collections we manually update/refresh were just queued up.

We were about to go through the lengthy and tiresome task of removing collections that were no longer used (making sure the collections weren’t being used for adverts or as limiters) as well as looking into any SQL heavy queries which were maybe to blame when Microsoft released the below update in the nick of time!;en-us;982400&sd=rss&spid=12769

The issue turned out to be exactly what we thought it was and since we have installed the hotfix, our collections are updating in under 10 seconds.


One Response to Collections taking a long time to refresh

  1. Genie says:

    Thank you for your find of solution it work on me thx šŸ˜€

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