Find ConfigMgr Client by SMSBIOS GUID

Just had a strange problem where I was trying to PXE boot a machine, which by name wasn’t in ConfigMgr and so should have booted as an Unknown Machine. Instead though, it failed to PXE boot stating that the device had been found in the database but nothing was being advertised.

I double checked in ConfigMgr by both computer name and MAC address and it definitely wasn’t there. I then noticed the SMSBIOS GUID was also being displayed next to the MAC address in the SMSPXE.log.

I jumped onto SQL and started looking around for the best view to use for a query to see if any other machines had the same SMSBIOS GUID. Finally I used the following:


After running this query it brought up a completely different machine name! Once I had this, I deleted it from ConfigMgr and it successfully PXE booted!


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