Searching for collections

Collections in SCCM 2007 are annoying. No doubt. You can’t easily move them, deleting them is slow and its a pain to duplicate them. You also can’t do any of that stuff on more than one collection at a time!

In my opinion though, the most irritating problem is the lack of a search feature, which will allow you to find sub collections that are hidden away 4 or 5 collections deep. If you know an advert that is targetting the collection you can always open it up and hit the collection “Browse…” button and it will show you the location but if you don’t have this info it can be a long process to hunt them down!

Thankfully I’ve just come across this great blog post, where a report has been created where you enter either the collection ID or name and it will show the exact location of the collection….brilliant!


Weighing up the scalability of SCCM 2012?

Need a quick reference guide for SCCM 2012 scalability? Take a look at this great blog post giving a simple explanation for the number of clients each site system or role can handle.

MIF processing looping

Hi all, had a very interesting problem today where processing of inventory MIF files seemed to be looping.

The files were constantly being moved from inboxes\auth\ to inboxes\auth\\process and then back again. Once in the process folder we would see the below in the logs:

 “Inventory update to parent site is in progress, MIF processing will resume after the inventory update.”

The status messages for the SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER also showed the following message IDs and then did nothing:

2708 SMS Inventory Data Loader detected that the parent site has changed to a new site, and now SMS Inventory Data Loader is trying to send all inventory to the new parent through the inventory update process.%12
2709 The SMS Inventory Data Loader inventory update process has initialized the inventory update status file, which controls the inventory update process’s ability to restart.%12
2711 The SMS Inventory Data Loader inventory update process will use the directory %1. SMS Inventory Data Loader will create delta MIF files in this folder to send to the parent site.%12

It all seemed to suggest that it couldn’t process any of the MIFs as it was trying to send inventory data up to the parent site. This also made sense as we’d only just done a /SYNCCHILD using preinst.exe.

The fix turned out to be a simple one. We noticed 2 files in the \inboxes\ folder, %sitecode%.SHA and inv_stat.dat, which we thought were the files trying to send the inventory data upstream. We stopped the SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER component in ConfigMgr Service Manager, moved the files to a blank folder, and started the component again.

The MIF files began processing immediately.

Surviving SCCM 2012

I was half way through writing a blog post detailing all the new features of SCCM 2012 (there are loads, believe me!) when I came over this brilliant technet post.

It looks to be a great end to end guide to ConfigMgr 2012 and well worth a read. Enjoy!