Task Sequence Media Wizards fails with 0x80091007

Today I was asked to look into a problem where the Task Sequence Media Wizard would fail to create stand-alone, task sequence media on a local install of the SCCM console. The failure is below:


The CreateTSMedia.log showed:

Staging package XXX00306        
Before executing state – fsVolumeSpaceRemaining= 12527 Mb 
Staging package XXX00306
Hash could not be matched for the downloded content. Original ContentHash = 78DF6C04DD1B6CDBD4F163908301C0CC5C5E3E70, Downloaded ContentHash =                
Failed to stage package XXX00306 (0x80091007)
Failed to create media (0x80091007)
CreateTsMedia failed with error 0x80091007, details=”XXX00306″

Now I’m sure most people reading this blog know that hash errors are generally fixed by refreshing the package on the DP or at the very worst, removing the package from the DP then re-adding it.

In this instance though, that didn’t work and I also noticed that the downloaded content hash didn’t have a value at all – it was blank:


This is very strange as if it was the usual problem, it would at least have a hash value for the downloaded content. This then had me thinking that in this case the problem might actually be that the software couldn’t be included in the media because it wasn’t able to download the package to the machine at all. When another admin tried and was able to complete the wizard, using the same DP, with no problem at all, this immediately led me to the conclusion that it was a permission issue.

It turns out the problem was actually related to the Access Accounts settings for the package itself. For security reasons the default permissions had been changed to replace the Users account with a AD group (which the Network Access Account we use is a member of):


As the admins who were having a problem weren’t an Administrator on the DP or a member of the group, the package couldn’t download and the hash check failed (as there was nothing to check!). When I added the default User account back in and refreshed the package on the affected DPs, the wizard completed successfully.

What this shows, I guess, is that the Network Access Account isn’t used when creating task sequence media – something to watch out for.